Software development

We usually do automation projects like content aggregators, parsers, crawlers, downloaders.
We work with Java and derivated technologies like Groovy, Grails, Scala and love to automate things with Jenkins & Gradle.
We can do support and hosting for developed apps, high speed CDN network is available in USA, Europe and Asia.
Android apps are another direction of development - we worked on large number of apps and games.


We can help in website optimization and deploying website promotion networks, satelites and doorways.

If you have issues with something from above, we can agree on some help from our side.

Sample projects and pieces of code are available on Github:

Content aggregator

Wordpress content aggregator from different sources: plain html pages, tumblr posts, RSS feeds.

* Integration with Wordpress, Drupal, PHPBB
* Multithreading
* Proxy support
* Web interface
* ExtJS based UI
* Modular content parsing architecture which allow easy integration of new sources

Pinterest account processing

Cloud application for pinterest account processing
* Pin posting, pattern posting, random pictures
* Following
* Like
* Commenting
* Concurrency
* Socks proxy support
* Web interface

Account processing

Automated account processing application, features:
* Multithreading
* Proxy support
* Multiple users
* Integration with 3d party services via REST api and XML feeds
* Web interface
* Cloud distributed processing