We run software development operations.
What can we do:
* Crawlers
* Parsers
* Task automation

Which technologies we use :
* Java
* Multithreading and paralel processing
* Proxy and Socks support
* Browser automation
* Desktop and Web interface based apps

And we can do support and hosting for developed apps, we high speed servers in USA, Europe and Asia.

Default eMail : manager [at] universal-development.com
Operations : operations [at] universal-development.com

Work examples

Content aggregator

Wordpress content aggregator from different sources: plain html pages, tumblr posts, RSS feeds.

* multithreading
* proxy support
* web interface
* modular content parsing architecture which allow easy integration of new sources

Pinterest account processing

Cloud application for pinterest account processing
* pin posting, pattern posting, random pictures
* following
* like
* commenting
System features:
* concurrency
* socks proxy support
* web interface

Account processing

Automated account processing application, features:
* multithreading
* proxy support
* multiple users
* integration with 3d party services via REST api and XML feeds
* web interface
* cloud processing