Document database

Universal storage for indexed documents on top of pluggable persistence providers. Same API to work with S3, Mongodb, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Git, Cassandra, CockroachDB, Redis

Content Delivery Network(CDN)

Software solution to deploy on top of private servers or multiple cloud providers CDN optimized to deliver media files fast.

Deployment configurations:

  • Docker swarm

  • Kubernetes

  • Cloud providers compatible with S3

  • SSH/Web accessible nodes: VPS servers, HTTP hosting providers

Traffic Distribution System(TDS)

Service for redirecting users and content based on 50+ parameters like:

  • Country

  • User browser

  • Screen resolution

  • URL parameters

  • Domain name

  • User language

  • Mobile OS

  • PC OS

  • Referer

  • Cookies

  • Fingerprints

Available as service or installed in private environments.

Web application firewall(WAF)

Machine learning powered service which proxy requests to web applications and can learn which requests are with attack scope like SQL injections, slow requests.

WAF can be deployed in private and public cloud

Mobile Market Service(MMS)

Easy way to start own mobile applications market, available in cloud or on own server MMS provide popular markets expirience for users to access your applications.